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Health Benefits of Nettles

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Health benefits of nettles

Puddle Fact: In medieval Europe nettles were used as a diuretic (to rid the body of excess water) and to treat joint pain

Uncovering the Health Benefits of Nettles

When you think of nettles, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Probably stinging, itching, and annoyance. However, nettles are not just pesky weeds; they are a nutritional powerhouse and have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties. In this blog, we will explore the surprising health benefits of nettles and how you can incorporate them into your daily life.

The Nettle

Nettle, scientifically known as Urtica dioica, is a perennial flowering plant that grows in many parts of the world. Despite their notorious stinging hairs, nettles have a long history of use in traditional medicine and culinary applications.

Nutritional Value

Nettles are packed with essential nutrients, making them a valuable addition to your diet. Here's a quick overview of what nettles bring to the table:


Nettles are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as various B vitamins. Vitamin C, in particular, supports your immune system and skin health.


They are a good source of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, which are vital for strong bones and overall well-being.


Nettles contain plant-based proteins, which can be an excellent supplement for vegetarians and vegans.


Nettles are loaded with antioxidants, which help combat free radicals in the body and reduce oxidative stress.

Health Benefits

Allergy Relief

Nettles have been used traditionally to relieve allergy symptoms. The compounds in nettles can help reduce inflammation and histamine production, making them a natural antihistamine.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Nettles contain compounds like quercetin and kaempferol, known for their anti-inflammatory effects. They can be beneficial for conditions like arthritis, and joint pain.

Skin Health

Nettle's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can help with various skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis when applied topically or consumed.

Digestive Health

Nettles have been known to aid in digestion. The natural compounds in nettles can help soothe the digestive tract and alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort.

Hair and Scalp

Nettles are rich in minerals like iron and silica, which promote healthy hair and may help prevent hair loss and dandruff.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Some studies suggest that nettles may help regulate blood sugar levels, making them a potentially beneficial addition to the diets of individuals with diabetes.

Ways to Incorporate Nettles into Your Life

Now that you know about the fantastic health benefits of nettles, you might be wondering how to include them in your daily routine. Here are a few ideas:

Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is a popular and easy way to enjoy the benefits of nettles. Steep dried or fresh nettle leaves in hot water and enjoy as a soothing, earthy beverage.

Cooked Greens

Nettles can be cooked much like spinach or kale. They make a great addition to soups, stews, and omelettes.

Nettle Pesto

Create a delicious and nutritious pesto using nettles. Combine blanched nettles, garlic, olive oil, nuts, and Parmesan cheese for a unique and vibrant sauce.

Nettle Supplements

If you're not a fan of the taste or can't find fresh nettles, you can opt for nettle supplements, available in various forms like capsules and powders.

Nettle Hair Rinse

Use nettle-infused water as a hair rinse to promote healthy and shiny locks.

Cautions and Considerations

While nettles offer a plethora of health benefits, it's essential to exercise caution when harvesting them in the wild due to their stinging hairs. Always wear gloves and be mindful to avoid contact with the skin.

If you have any allergies or are taking medication, consult with a healthcare professional before adding nettles to your diet or using them for medicinal purposes.

Puddle Round Up

Nettles, often considered a nuisance, are, in fact, a treasure trove of health benefits. From allergy relief to anti-inflammatory properties and more, nettles have a lot to offer. Whether you choose to brew a soothing cup of nettle tea or incorporate them into your meals, you can reap the rewards of this remarkable plant. Embrace the green elixir of nettles and harness their potential for a healthier, happier you.

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