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Puddle Runner Ducks

Puddle Runner Ducks

Puddle Fact: The Puddle Runner Ducks could live until the grand old age of 12!

The Puddle runner ducks are a rewarding and practical choice for many reasons. These unique ducks are known for their upright posture and distinctive way of running instead of waddling.

Here are some of the benefits of keeping The Puddles runner ducks (Chuck, Crispy, Hoisin and Plum).

Pest control

The Puddle runner ducks are excellent foragers and have a natural inclination to hunt for insects and pests in your garden or on your property. They can help reduce the populations of slugs, snails, grasshoppers, and other garden pests, making them valuable for integrated pest management.

Weed control

These ducks are also known for their ability to eat a variety of weeds. The Puddle Projects' runner ducks can help keep your garden or lawn free of unwanted plants, reducing the need for chemical herbicides.

Egg production

The Puddle runner ducks are good egg layers. They typically lay more eggs per year compared to other duck breeds, making them a good choice if you want a regular supply of fresh duck eggs.

Low maintenance

The Puddle runner ducks are relatively easy to care for. They are hardy birds that can adapt to a variety of climates. Their upright posture also means they are less prone to certain health issues that affect more traditional duck breeds.

Friendly and curious

The Puddle runner ducks are known for their friendly and curious nature. They can become quite tame and enjoy human interaction, making them good pets for those looking for a unique and entertaining addition to their backyard flock.

Efficient foragers

These ducks from The Puddle have a highly efficient foraging behaviour, which means they require less supplemental feed when allowed to free-range or graze in a pasture. This can help reduce your feed costs.

Unique appearance

The Puddle runner ducks are visually distinctive with their upright stance and long, slender bodies. Many people find their appearance charming and enjoy having them as ornamental additions to their property.

Educational opportunities

Raising The Puddle runner ducks can be an educational experience, especially for children. It offers insights into animal behaviour, biology, and the responsibilities of animal care.


The Puddle runner ducks can provide companionship and entertainment with their quirky behaviour and social interactions. Watching them run around in a group can be quite amusing.

Remember that while The Puddle Projects' runner ducks offer various benefits, they also require proper care, including shelter, access to water, and protection from predators. Additionally, local regulations and zoning laws may affect your ability to keep these unique ducks, so it's essential to check with your local authorities before getting started.

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