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Here's our story

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Originally in 2014 a piece of derelict land used for fly tipping, it has taken almost 8 years of regeneration to introduce the flora, fauna and wildlife pools, which has given us what is affectionately referred to today as ‘The Puddle’ located in Burtonwood, Warrington.


Our objective is to create a self-sustaining social enterprise that can continuously evolve in line with the strategic needs of Warrington Borough Council in bringing physical and mental well-being to the local community and provide a rural educational facility for those with special needs.  We are dedicated to raising awareness for the Special Educational Needs and Disability Community (S.E.N.D) in Warrington.


Work so far has been carried out by our dedicated group of volunteers ‘The Puddlers’ and there is an almost never ending programme of development. The site includes ‘the lily pad’ a large community indoor space with a log burner and brilliant brew making facilities. We have a large outdoor sensory area, with onsite parking and toilets, a pizza oven, poly tunnel, wood workshop shed and that isn't it... we also have Chickens, Ducks and Fish.


We are the first community organization to create a fully sustainable renewable energy source of power for all of our buildings and pods. The Puddle is an ecological site, as everything we do is in the best interests of others and the planet. 

"There is no power for change greater than a community

discovering what it cares about."

Margaret J Wheatly

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