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A Christmas Miracle, Unveiling Opportunities for All

Christmas Wish comes true for The Puddle Friday group

In the heart of The Puddle Project, there has always been a resounding belief in the power of collaboration. The philosophy that by working hand in hand with service providers, families, and service users, trans-formative opportunities could be created — opportunities that defy conventional expectations and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future. The rallying cry of #togetherwearestronger has been the guiding force behind The Puddle Project's endeavours since the gates first opened.

The Bold Plan:

September 2023, saw The Puddle Project unveiling an audacious plan to partners like MacIntyre, Families United, and Home-Start. The idea was to utilise the wealth of experience and knowledge within families and service users to raise awareness. But The Puddle Project had an even grander vision, we wanted service users to not just be a part of the awareness campaign but to own it and create opportunities for the holy grail, financial independence.

The Learning Curve:

The Friday MacIntyre Group

By October 2023, The Puddle Project, in collaboration with the MacIntyre Friday group, delved into the intricate world of marketing and the internet. The learning curve was steep, involving questions about website development, tools available, understanding Google algorithms, content creation, and the monetisation of knowledge. The mission was clear: work hard and fast to turn their vision into reality.

Niche Markets and Collaboration:

After extensive research, two niche markets were chosen: Parsley and Hutch, showcasing the remarkable gardening and animal skills at The Puddle, and Sensory Equipment, a platform highlighting the experiences of the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) community. With zero experience in building websites, The Puddle Project sought guidance from YouTube legend Theo Ramswell. Theo took on the challenge, recognising the importance of providing opportunities for everyone.

Progress and Achievements:

By November, the team had achieved a significant milestone — two skeleton websites, and With companies taking notice, targets were set, and decisions had to be made. Sensory Equipment became the primary focus, with the belief that Parsley and Hutch was better suited for the spring season. Utilising the latest software, the team brought their collective imaginations to life, creating engaging content.

The SEN Digital Marketing Team:

The culmination of hard work and determination led to an unexpected achievement, the country's first SEN (Special Educational Needs) digital marketing team?

It is with great pride that we can announce that the team have successfully met the objectives set by two of the world's largest online marketing companies. This not only showcased the remarkable work and support but, most importantly, the active engagement of all involved.

Project Fusion: Uniting Service Providers and Service Users:

Project Fusion logo

Looking forward to the future, the team have decided to consolidate all of their ideas for 2024 under one roof: Project Fusion. This initiative represents the perfect blend of service providers and service users coming together to support each other, break down barriers, and enhance opportunities within the collective community.

Gratitude and Merry Christmas:

The Puddle Project expresses heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has visited the Sensory Equipment website (so far). The journey from a bold plan to the realisation of Project Fusion has been nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Thanks to the support and active engagement of all involved, the door has been opened for the team to build, learn, and earn, with profits already being realised!

Merry Christmas to all, and may the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity continue to shine bright in the years ahead!

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