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Forest Den Days

Puddle Forest Playgroup

Puddle Fact: Home-Start supports more than 70,000 children in the UK!

Crafting Sensory Bliss in the Woods!

In a world of endless screens and non-stop notifications, a wild adventure awaits right outside your door for you and your mini Puddlers – building a den in a wooded area.

Home- Start Forest Playgroup at The Puddle
Home-Start Warrington

The Home-Start Forest Playgroup at The Puddle has been going from strength to strength and there's one thing that the kids absolutely love and that's the little dens in which to play. Building a den can be more than just fun; it's a sensory extravaganza that can uplift your families spirits and rekindle your connection with Mother Nature.

In this article, we're going to dive headfirst into the world of dens, explore materials that even a squirrel would approve of, and get downright giddy about leaving the place as magical as we found it.

Woodland Dens: A Sensory Fiesta

Diving into the world of woodland dens is like stepping into a fairy tale for your senses. It's a five-star sensory experience that promises to tickle all your senses - see, hear, touch, smell, and maybe even taste!


Woodlands are the original art galleries of the world. Vibrant greens, dappled sunlight, and critters galore are the stars of the show. Your den-building adventure isn't just about constructing; it's about creating your very own masterpiece in nature's gallery.


Tired of city noise? The woodland's got your back! Here, you're serenaded by the rustling leaves, the chirping birds, and the soothing flow of streams. It's like a lullaby for your stressed-out soul.


Gather up sticks, leaves, and moss as you go, and you're in for a tactile treat. Feel the rugged bark, the softness of moss, and the earthy soil beneath your fingertips. It's a hands-on experience like no other.


Woodlands have their own signature scent – a mix of earthy wonders, fresh air, and hints of woodland flora. It's a natural air freshener for your lungs.


While dining alfresco might not be on the menu, building a den in the woods could lead to foraging adventures! Just remember, not everything is a gourmet treat, so consult an expert to distinguish the edible from the inedible.

Materials for Den-Building Fun

Building a woodland den doesn't require an endless shopping list or a trip to the lumberyard. Simplicity and resourcefulness are your best friends on this journey:

Sticks and Branches

These are the basic building blocks for your den. Mother Nature provides these free of charge. They're like the Lego of the woods.

Leaves and Moss

Perfect for insulation, comfort, and a touch of woodland chic. Mother Nature's very own decor.

Bit of Old Rope

If you fancy a den that could win a 'Best Den in the Woodland' contest, grab some old ropes or string to add that secure touch to the materials you find.

Puddle forest den

Tarps or Waterproof Material

For those planning to weather the storm, pack a waterproof tarp or a plastic sheet. Just remember to whisk it away when you leave, as we're all about preserving the natural magic.

Leave No Trace: Natures Code

While having fun building your den, don't forget the "Leave No Trace" rule. Here's why it's so enchanting:

Ecosystem Protection

Woodlands are a secret garden, where each plant and critter plays a vital role. Messing with the balance can lead to some seriously cranky woodland creatures.

Safety Spells

Leaving den materials behind can trip up the local critters or unsuspecting explorers. Let's keep the enchantment safe for everyone.

Future Frolics

By playing by the rules, we ensure that these enchanted forests remain an ageless haven for den-building and sensory exploration.

Puddle Round Up

Building a den in a woodland isn't just fun; it's a chance for the whole family to run wild and experience the magic of the great outdoors. Your senses will thank you as you soak in the woodland sights, sounds, textures, scents, and maybe even tastes. Keep it simple, use natural materials, and, above all, follow natures rule – leave the place as enchanting as you found it. Let's make the woodland dens a secret wonderland for generations to come, where the magic never ends!

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